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Discover the pillow that allows you to get a great night sleep when using your PAP machine.


If You Use A PAP Machine, Experience A Better Nights Sleep With A CPAPMax Pillow. It helps eliminate Constant Tossing & Turning, Mask Shifting Which Can Wake You & Your Sleep Partner. Plus, It Keeps You Cool & Dry, While Supporting You With Perfect Orthopedic Comfort!

Other CPAP Comfort Solutions

CPAP Mask Wipes

Keep your CPAP mask clean, fresh and germ free with the Contour CPAP Wipes, available in unscented or citrus. The CPAP Wipes allows CPAP users to fast and easily keep their CPAP Mask and equipment clean and fresh. Our all natural CPAP Wipes are safe and effective at removing facial oils, optimizing mask seal, and gentle on face and hands for everyday use.

Mattress Genie Incline Sleep System

Our new Incline Sleep System helps CPAP users by elevating the head of the mattress, which helps promote proper positioning and air flow. The 48 inch long inflatable air bladder provides a gradual incline for both superior support and comfort. Works on Any Mattress, and fully sets up in a matter of minutes!

About Contour Products

Since Contour Products introduction in 1991, Contour has emerged as an innovative brand leader in sleep and comfort solutions within the ergonomics industry since. As a firm belief of Contour, being comfortable isnt just an indulgence, but is a necessesity in obtaining quality of sleep and good health. With the finite details that go into each and every product, Contour Products continues to rise as America's number one choice in comfort and relief.